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    The cost of electricity from utilities is constantly on the rise, and there is not a lot we can do about that. Most consumers are completely reliant on the grid to provide our electrical power, and we are usually at the mercy of the utility companies and what they charge us for our usage, with few options to truly control our energy independence and spend. Solar technology flips the script with utilities, and we become our own producer. Solar technology is not new, but the efficacy, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and lifetime of the technology has continually improved over the years, and it makes more sense than ever to upgrade to solar today!

    About Us

    We are the number one solar power company in the greater Portland area. We have been in business for years, and throughout that time we have taken every opportunity we can to grow, and evolve. We use only the best contemporary solar components, and employ all of the latest systems and techniques. We are an outgoing, hardworking team of people who will work efficiently, and quickly, to make sure that your solar array is set up, without a hitch, lowering your bills and carbon footprint at the same time!

    Our Services

    When it comes to all things solar power, we are a one-stop shop. We can handle every aspect of your solar array project through our services, providing solar panels, solar power, residential solar cells, commercial solar cells, photovoltaic solar panels, solar EV chargers, EPC services and solar panels fit on to new construction. Working with only the most qualified tradesman and technology, you will get the highest quality solution installed for the lowest possible cost.

    residential solar panels project


    If you own a home, residential solar panels can be installed with the intention of cutting utility bills, improving the marketability or value of your home, or with more altruistic goals for saving the environment by using fully renewable energy sources. Regardless of your reasons, our residential solar arrays are designed and installed on a completely custom basis, with the configuration of your home, budget, and energy needs all in mind. We will not recommend a system that does not perform, so solar panels will always be a guaranteed good investment.

    commercial solar panels project


    Solar arrays in commercial buildings make sense in ways that even exceed some residential applications. Commercial consumption tends to be much higher than residential, but the available surface area to collect solar energy also tends to be much larger. Because of the tendency for rooftops to be less visible, there are even more configuration options available when aesthetics are less of a constraint to a solar project. ROI is guaranteed, as the costs and production of these systems are reliably predictable.

    Furthermore, customers love working with companies that are doing more than just talking green - they want to work with companies that walk the walk, and what better way to demonstrate a dedication to sustainability than investing in the future of the planet?


    “Portland Solar Specialists did an incredible job on our home solar array install. The panels work incredibly well, and they look so good on our roof. I’m constantly surprised at how low our utility bills are and would definitely recommend to anyone I know.” - Jackie K.

    Battery Backup Systems

    Want to go off-grid completely? You will need a battery backup system to go with your solar installation, and we are here to deliver!

    Going completely off-grid does not necessarily mean disconnecting from the grid, though going off-grid does mean that a battery backup system is required. What a battery backup to your solar solution will do is flip the script on your relationship to utilities. The utility is the backup to your power generation plant, that you own!

    This powerful combination is what you need to become completely energy independent.


    professional solar panels expert checking battery backup system

    EV Chargers

    If you have decided to go all the way green, and get a new electrical vehicle as well, what better way to charge it than with free, renewable energy? Your EV consumes more than your most electric-hogging appliance my a mile. While purchasing electricity from a utility may be cheaper than paying for gas at the pump, brace yourself for some larger energy bills if you are not creating your own electricity. By using solar to charge your car, you will never have to pay for fuel for your vehicle again.

    professional solar panels expert checking ev charger

    “We were looking to have solar panels installed at our new commercial building, as we wanted our clients to benefit from them. We gave Portland Solar Specialists a call, and they were so easy to work with. They took care of the entire process for us. So good.” Bruce G.

    professional solar panels expert working on new construction

    New Construction

    If you are a developer or home builder who is looking at building brand new homes, solar technology is an excellent tool to put into your strategic toolbelt. Solar panels can help you achieve LEED certification, which can add money to your sale. This can be a major differentiator, especially in Portland's notoriously green culture! Solar panels help to positively influence prospective buyers by offering them a feature that is highly in demand, but still not ubiquitous on new construction.

    big solar panels working

    EPC Contracting

    Engineering Procurement and Construction requires a great deal of attention to detail. More complex projects can go way over budget or over-scheudle if managed poorly. Our years of experience and track record of flawless execution is what we offer in a white-glove end-to-end service that guarantees peace of mind that your expectations for cost, timing, and ROI are met. With an experienced team and diverse supply chain network, we are equipped to handle the most complex projects and deal with unexpected obstacles seamlessly and gracefully, without negatively impacting scope, timing, or cost.

    “After we had solar panels installed on our roof, we decided to go all green and get an electric car. We went back to our previous solar company, Portland Solar Specialists, and they installed a solar powered EV charger. We will never have to pay for fuel again!” - Laura T.

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