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Solar EV Chargers in Portland, Oregon

EV charging with solar power

Power Your Car with Sunshine

The average American drives more than 13,000 miles every year. If you own an electric car, your driving leaves less of a carbon footprint. But it’s not completely clean. The source you charge your electric car from can be a massive source of pollution.

Let’s fix that!


Electric Cars Are the Future of Portland. But Only if Managed Right

It’s not just Elon Musk who’s invested in building the perfect electric vehicle. We are all rooting for them because we want a cleaner environment. We want to breathe better.

You’ve already done the first step and played your part – you’re driving a car that doesn’t just look cool, it also keeps the Earth cooler by actively fighting global warming.

But do you know what would be a giant step for an even better future: even less emissions from your EV.


Curious how to be the pioneer of a smarter, cleaner future? Our solar EV chargers experts’ advice is just a click away!


Do You Know What’s in the Energy You Use to Power Your ‘Clean’ EV? Read Only If You’re Ready

Energy in Oregon comes from a mix of sources:

  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Coal
  • Nuclear energy
  • Wind turbines
  • Natural gas
  • Petroleum


Oil is one of the worst polluting agents, especially when it’s transformed into electricity. Coal mining also comes with a plethora or risks. That’s why Oregon plans to eliminate it altogether by 2030. But that’s still almost a decade away.

None of the electricity sources above is without fault to the environment. And, in fact, you can’t even know what you actually fuel you EV with. There’s no way to know what’s in the grid.

Except when you are the master of your own grid.

Solar EV chargers ensure that your car is as clean as it gets. No more untrusted sources of energy, just pure Portland sun to power each of your road trips.


Yes, I want to power my car with sunshine!


Save Money with Solar EV Chargers

Let’s face it: your electric car is awesome but it’s a major power hog! It consumes way more than your refrigerator, for instance, and that’s always on!

It may seem innocuous but if you use your EV regularly, you’ll tally up quite the energy bill – if you’re still relying on the grid.

But when you charge your car with solar power from your residential solar panels system, you won’t even feel the dent.

In fact, during the sunnier months we have here in Portland, you may still not be able to consume all the energy you are producing, even if you use your car every day.

Solar EV chargers are the final step in your journey to energy independence and an almost imperceptible carbon footprint.


Want to take that step together? Reach out to us to learn all about the benefits of solar EV chargers.


Why Choose Us as Your Solar EV Charger Supplier in Portland, Oregon?

We’ve been in the ‘sunshine’ business for over a decade, helping Portland residents reduce costs and create a better planet for us all. We offer more than installation solutions – you will find a fully committed partner in us that can help you choose the best solar EV charger and, solar panels and make sure that you get all the financial incentives available for your effort.

We offer:

  • White glove, turnkey service
  • Consultation for navigating and maximizing federal, state, and utility incentives and subsidies, like the Energy Trust of Oregon programs
  • A full estimate of EV charger costs and expected output and lifespan
  • Free assessment of your site and your EV
  • Guaranteed cost-effectiveness: we would never advise you to install a system that’s not cost-efficient
  • Tailor-made designs and systems: each of our projects is customized to your needs, your site’s specs, and all the particulars of personalized solar systems.


Ready to drive into the future? Charge your car with solar power. Embrace clean, cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology and energy sources. What have you got to lose?

Contact Portland’s premier solar systems installer for a FREE, no-obligation estimate today!



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