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Commercial Solar Panel Installation Services in Portland

commercial solar panels under the sun

Invest in a Better Future for Your Business

As a business owner, you wouldn’t let a great opportunity fly by, would you? Did you know that the roof of your building could help you cut costs with your energy bill and become a green, sustainable business that your clients love? Installing solar panels on your commercial building in Portland will help you achieve all that and more. Read on to find out how.


Don’t Pay Any More Huge Electric Bills

The average commercial electric bill in Oregon is $460. But we all know that large companies pay A LOT MORE than that! In fact, Portland has seen significant increase in utility bills costs in the past few years.

By installing solar panels on your rooftops or other areas of your commercial property, you could forget all about these huge bills.

Solar systems installation for commercial properties has an incredible ROI – you would make up your investment in no time, either directly or indirectly (see how below).

In fact, if you produce more energy than you consume, you can send it back to the grid and be reimbursed for it. Yes, you could power up other buildings around you!


Drop us a line or give us a call to learn more about the ROI of solar power!


Be the Green Business Everyone Wants to Work With!

More than an excellent deal people love working with companies that have solid values. Sustainability is one of the most sought-after values these days.

When you buy solar panels, you don’t just reduce your carbon footprint significantly. You also tell your clients and potential clients that you’re a business that cares about community and about the future.

Investing in clean, renewable energy is an amazing benefit by itself. But when you buy and install solar panels, you also support the local economy.

Who wouldn’t like to buy from you?


Ready to reduce your carbon footprint and boost your bottom line?


Invest in More than One Generation

Solar energy is green energy. When you install solar panels for your commercial building in Oregon, you don’t just ensure that you have fewer expenses and a smaller carbon footprint.

You also make sure that you leave Portland a better place for generations to come. Isn’t that a mark any responsible business should leave behind?


Get in touch to learn more about how easy it is to make Portland a better place for generations to come!


Why Rent Energy When You Can Own it?

As a business owner, you definitely know the value of owning your own tools, your own how-tos and your own land or building.

What very few people think about is the possibility to own your energy grid. You don’t have to depend on the obsolete grid that powers most Oregon buildings.

You can be the owner of your grid and of your delivery system. 100% independence from the grid means that all the decision-making power lies with you!

Better yet, the ROI of solar panels installation comes with long-term benefits that make this decision SO easy to take!


Let’s get you started on the path to energy independence!


Why Choose Us to Install Solar Panels for Your Commercial Building in Portland?

We’ve been installing solar systems all over Portland for more than ten years! During this time, we’ve learned all there is to know about solar panels, their installation, rules, laws and legislation. And we are happy to share all this knowledge with you.

Here’s what you can expect from working with us:


No Surprises

You will know everything about the cost of your solar panel installation and how much energy you can expect to produce before your sign the contract with us. This way, you’ll know exactly what your ROI will be beforehand.


Full Site Assessment and Full Simulation of Your Solar Panel Setup

Even before we close the deal, you’ll know exactly how your system works. We will calculate all the equipment needed, the output, as well as every cost and financing options at your disposal. The current state and federal incentives make it a great time to invest in solar panels.

But these incentives can be hard to navigate. The cash incentives and the rebates from the Energy Trust of Oregon are just the place to start! You can apply for a lot of other similar programs with our guidance.


Custom-Made Solar Power System

We wouldn’t install a system that doesn’t bring you the maximum possible ROI. Every solar panel system we install is custom-made to our client’s building specs. This way, we make sure that your solar panels are neither over-sized, nor under-sized.


Ready to step into the future of energy efficiency?


How Does Commercial Solar Panel Installation Work?

The project design and installation are fairly complicated. But we know your time is very valuable, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of it all.

Our team of skilled technicians and engineers will take care of anything that doesn’t absolutely require your presence or your signature.

Step 1: We’ll pay you a visit to assess the site -- the building and the amount of sun it gets.

Step 2: We’re right beside you to help you obtain all the permits you need and put together all the required documentation.

Step 3: All the equipment is ordered.

Step 4: The actual installation of solar panels on your commercial building.

Step 5: Final approval, interconnections and thorough testing of your new green energy grid.


Ready to take your business to a whole new level? Become one of Portland’s most respected companies by investing in the future of your company and that of the future generations!

Our solar panel installation services comes with a strong guarantee: fair pricing, excellent ROI and a legislation and incentive consultancy service at your disposal.

Ready to find out more?

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