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Solar Panels for New Construction in Portland, Oregon

solar panels new construction in progress

Microgrids are the future of electric

Building new homes in Portland? Have you considered adding solar energy directly into your building plans?


By adding solar panels to your building, you can accomplish a number of objectives simultaneously; chief among them, commanding a higher price for the home. Working solar panels into original construction costs can be less expensive than retro-fitting, and provide the investment into the future of energy. Providing new construction with solar panels in Portland can be a major differentiator. These kinds of features built in from day one can be presented as green-friendly which is a huge selling point to the newest generation of home buyers. Perhaps it goes without saying that renewable energy sources are also an excellent idea for the planet, but the fact that it is now economically more viable than ever makes this a no-brainer.


Solar Roofs

Rooftop panels are the most common installation because of their exposure and relatively availability, but there are many options on how to configure solar panels to collect sunlight for energy. Ask us about the different configurations, and aesthetic options available with today's technology!


Construction Incentives

You will know exactly how much energy to expect from a solar solution installed by our team, as well as the total costs of complete design and installation incorporated into your project. Included in that proposal is a detailed assessment of all applicable federal, state, and utility incentives that are available to help offset the costs of the solar project. These programs change constantly, and we are here to help navigate them and get the maximum incentive possible. However, even without incentives, we've proven that solar panels provide ROI and are a good long-term investment.



Solar power is an excellent feature to list for buyers interested in your new construction. Portland is notoriously green, and buyers are ever-increasingly savvy. A solar offering tells buyers that you are investing in the future, but also that the cost of ownership is at maximum value because of reduced utility bills. What buyer would not want to a home that will save them money? The current generation of home buyers is very green friendly and forward-thinking, and solar energy is a fantastic way to let these buyers know that they are helping the environment out.


Extra Features

In some cases, where the owner of the new construction is known, additional features specific to their needs may make sense as well. Solar panels are an excellent option for owners of electric vehicles, so being set up for EV chargers from day one can be a great benefit.

In other cases, owners want to be energy independent, so providing a solar solution with battery backup completely removes them from relying on the grid. This may be appealing to someone who wants to be good to the environment, but also someone with a special sensitivity to power grid reliability. Maybe they will run a business from the property and power outages are costly and they need to invest in insulating against the possibility. Perhaps it's an elderly owner with medical technology that cannot afford a power outage. These customers are truly dependant on new construction offerings for their special needs such as solar solutions.


Are you inspired?

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