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EPC Contracting for Solar Projects in Portland, Oregon

solar panels under the sun

Full Service Solar Solutions

Whether an end-to-end installation is needed, or only consultation for a solar project, we can provide engineering, procurement and construction services for every project. EPC is critical to seamless and successful solar installation projects, and requires expertise and attention to detail.

Additionally, simplicity in execution is key for system owners, and we will manage the parts of the process that would keep you up at night. You will have a single point of contact to deal with during the project, keeping you up to date and communicating with all stakeholders.

Getting a sub-standard experience in EPC starts the project off on the wrong foot. Our experience facilitates smooth processes, as we strive for flawless execution on every single solution.



During the engineering phase, when planning and engineering the right solar panel solution, goals and constraints of the project are taken into consideration, front and center. The most complex projects always consider viability, costs and permitting. The entire investment, cost of financing, ROI will be known and presented from the very start of the project upon design of the solution.



Well-honed project management principles and a lot of experience guide our solar projects. Our experienced team selects components to ensure they meet the requirements of engineering specifications while delivering on high reliability at the best prices. A well-established supply chain ensures reliable delivery of the right parts, on-time. We work with multiple vendors and suppliers to ensure that we can pivot and adapt when unanticipated barriers arise.



With a long track record of delivering projects on-time and on-budget, our experienced team leads the installation from breaking ground to inspection. Our end-to-end services ensure complete oversight, unmatched quality, predictable timelines, and top-notch craftsmanship.


We deliver!

You can expect complete engineering specifications, scope of work, accurate costs, reliable schedules, and valid projections for system performance. Part and parcel to solar technology installations are the various incentives that may apply from federal, state and utility sources. We not only identify every applicable incentive, but navigate the submission and execution to ensure the maximum benefits are applied back to offset project costs.

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