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Battery Backup Systems for Your Solar System in Portland

battery backup system installation in progress

Be Truly Independent from the Grid

Is your entire life on hold when the grid is down? Do you fear that the next power outage may cause severe damage to your appliances? Or even a mild inconvenience like a power outage BEFORE you saved the doc you were working on?

You don’t have to be at the whim of an obsolete energy distribution and delivery system. Solar panels with batter backup systems are the future in terms of self-reliance and independence.


Even with a Solar System in Place, You Are Still Reliant on the Grid

When the grid is down in Portland, your power will be off! Severe weather, mandated shut-offs, downed power lines and the frequent repairs that are needed to keep our obsolete grid functioning are just a few of the factors that can trigger outages.

You may be fine for a few hours without internet, without TV or even without charging your phone or switching the light on. It’s far from ideal but it’s manageable.

But what happens when you need to plug in a medical device? Or when the severe weather alert that killed the power lines also causes a medical emergency and you can’t call 911?

Let’s face it, you can’t got without power for an unspecified timeframe.


Don’t wait for disaster to strike before you invest in your independence!


Invest in Your Protection against Power Failures

The failures of the utility grid are out of your control. No amount of phone calls to the energy distributor will solve an immediate problem.

But, just like you have a health and car insurance just in case, why not ensure that your will always have power, when you need it the most or when it’s just convenient?

Your solar power system backed by a battery can be your insurance policy against power outages.


Let’s talk about the right battery backup system for your solar panels!


Full Energy Autonomy Is Just a Click Away

Your Portland home or business rely on energy. But when that energy comes from the grid, you are always a thunderstorm or a small incident away from putting everything off for... no one knows how long.

Instead of having a clunky backup generator, why not make the grid your backup?

Our battery backup systems for solar panels are created to withstand extreme weather and conditions. This way, you know you can always depend on them AND have the grid as a ‘backup to your backup’ just in case you need extra precautions.


Get your free quote for solar power with batter backup system!


Solar Power + Battery Backup Systems = Your Path to Energy Resilience

Our solar power systems with battery backup are the surest way to rely on no one else for your work or home activities. They are necessary for off-grid properties and ideal for on-grid properties – if you want them to be energy-resilient!


Yes, I want the ability to control my own power supply!


Why Work with Us for Solar Panels with Battery Backup Systems Installation in Portland?

For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing solar panels and backup systems installation services to Portland residents. We don’t just know the ins and outs of all the systems out there but we can also guide you through incentive programs and complicated paperwork mazes.

When you work with us, you:

  • Know in advance the cost of the solar power battery backup systems as well as the amount of energy you can expect it to produce.
  • Get a full assessment of your site and a simulation of your setup – both before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Receive all the details on the equipment needed, the expected output of your solar energy system with backup batter, every cost associated with solar panel and battery installation and more.
  • Get help with navigating and maximizing all the state and federal subsidies and incentives that you are eligible for, like the Energy Trust of Oregon programs or Oregon’s newest solar rebate.
  • Get a system that’s custom-made for your home. We would never install a solar panel system or a battery backup system that doesn’t bring you ROI. Each system that we install is custom-made to your site and your specs.


How Does Battery Backup System Installation Work?

The installation process depends on whether you have a residential solar system or a commercial solar panels system already installed. If so, we can simply add the battery to your system and perform the necessary interconnections and tests to make sure it runs perfectly.

Our vast experience in the field allows us to advise you on the best battery backup system to match your existing solar panels.

No solar panels installed in your Portland home or commercial building?

We can help with that!

Take a look at our installation services for residential solar systems or commercial solar panels in Portland.


Ready to take charge of your energy? Let us help you declare independence from the flaky grid and move into the energy resilience of the 21st century!

All our systems are guaranteed to be cost-effective, fairly priced. You are guaranteed to see ROI in no time!

Ready to find out more?

Find out how a battery backup solar system can work for you!

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