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About Our Business

solar panel specialist during work

Energy prices are spiking all over the country. Most of this is due to aging electrical grids and our reliance on antiquated technologies, that are becoming increasingly hard to fix and modernize. Because of this, we are currently looking for ways to become more efficient and less reliant on older systems. If you are finding yourself in this kind of situation, we can help out with that. By introducing solar power in to your home, or business, we can help to lower utility costs, while also helping you to become more forward thinking, and green friendly. We can install any size solar array that your property will fit, and depending on what you need powered, we can make sure that your system is optimized the correct way.

We are the number one solar specialists in the Portland area and we would love the chance to prove to you why that is. We were one of the first businesses to start solar installations, and over the years we have taken every new job as a chance to learn, grow and evolve. WTH this type of mindset in place, we have managed to become the top player in this emerging industry. We are a dedicated, hard working and friendly team of people who make it our mission to give you the best, possible, solar setup around. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, we are always available for a chat, so please just let us know!

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